Sunday, October 4, 2009

So I guess Dr. Don's to blame?

It is 2
006. I am office manager at Brown Pruitt Peterson & Wambsganss, and I am in Don Ferrill's office, waiting to ask a question. He ignores me to finish reading something on his computer, so I shamelessly peek over his shoulder to see what is so engrossing. Ah! It's a newsletter from Phillip Shero, giving the highlights of the recent University Advisors' Summit held in Mbale, Uganda. I sigh. "Oh, how exciting! I would sure love to be a part of the work God is doing to build a university there."

It is 2009. Joy, Diana, and I are standing in a small booth (eventually to be a sound booth) at the back of Mbale of Church of Christ. In front of us are neat stacks of 50,000-shilling notes counted into one-million and five-million shilling bundles. We look out the sound booth window at the group of about forty landowners, mostly couples, who will be coming back to us in a moment to collect their money. But right now each person is waiting their turn to meet with Phillip and the solicitor to sign a contract selling their land -- land on which someday, as the Lord provides, LivingStone International University is to be built. I think of my wish three years earlier, and I think of where I am now. I sigh...

God is good.

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amymomo said...

That's awesome! I'm so excited about this University. I remember when it was first announced at church and I though...that's a pretty lofty goal...we're gonna go to another country and build a university. Crazy...and look at what God is doing. I just read a pamphlet the other day about purchasing an acre of land in Africa for the university. I'm praying the Lord will help provide for me to be able to do that! Exciting news! I'm so glad you get to be a part of it you tons! Amy