Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Of Ceremonies and Celemonies

Part One: In Which I Ponder What I've Lost

There was an important ceremony held in Austin, Texas, a couple weeks ago: The baby dedication of Magnolia Jane Carroll, daughter of Jennifer and Jonathan Carroll, sister to Noah David Carroll, and granddaughter of Ron and Mary Carroll...and of Mary Beth Bodiford. So far I haven't seen a photo of the affair (probably because all the photo-takers were part of the ceremony), but I'm sure it was wonderful. I'm also certain the family celebration after the dedication was full of joy and laughter.

And I wasn't there.

Part Two: In Which I Ponder What I've Gained

There was an important celemony held in Kamonkoli, Uganda, a few weeks ago: The baby dedication of Tricia and Tracy, twin daughters of Benard and Juliet. ("Celemony" is how many Ugandans pronounce -- and spell -- the word "ceremony.")

I will tell you the whole story of the dedication some other time, but for now it is enough to tell you that I, along with Jennifer Ashlock and Emily Daw, was privileged to be a part of this important family celebration. I had the incredible blessing of being allowed to pray for Tricia and Tracy.

It was a wonderful day. A day of rejoicing with the Kamutono family as they committed their daughters to the Lord. A day of joy and laughter.

And I was there.